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Chi-Med Shows Off Phase III Cancer Drug Data
Guselkumab Outperforms Humira In Study
Following Up on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Restructuring Plans, Company Makes Move to Shift 1,250 Workers Out of Hopewell Township Site
Britain detects bird flu on premises in eastern England
Evoke Group Announces Creation of New Multicultural Agency
South Korea fines Novartis over kickbacks, suspends sales of some drugs
Roche drug cocktail cuts breast cancer deaths
Juno Finally Drops Problem CAR-T Drug That Caused Deaths
10 Biotechs With an Orphan Drug in Late-Stage Pipeline
Mutual Recognition promises new framework for pharmaceutical inspections for United States and European Union
PTC abandons cystic fibrosis drug after trial failure
Herbal medications risky in heart disease
Analyze the Pill Burden Domino Effect on Healthcare Known as Polypharmacy
Volkswagen's excess emissions will lead to 1,200 premature deaths in Europe
Kite’s cancer drug clears main study goal
UK rejects Merck’s Keytruda as initial treatment for lung cancer
FDA warns Pfizer over contaminated drugs at Kansas plant
FDA approves carcinoid syndrome diarrhea drug
Obamacare plans’ drug spending rose faster than other plans in 2016: Express Scripts
Novartis cancer unit races to catch up with rivals
Inhaler users get about half as much medicine as they should from each puff
Trump Takes Another Shot at the FDA’s ‘Slow And Burdensome’ Approval Process
Johnson & Johnson completes acquisition of Abbott Medical Optics
Why a Double-Digit Job Growth is Set to Hit This Biotech Hub
Veloxis Pharma to Shut Down New Jersey Office, Moving All Operations to North Carolina
How to Do a Bibliography for a Research-Paper
FDA approves Odactra for house dust mite allergies
Scientists stimulate immune system, stop cancer growth
Bristol-Myers Squibb expands focus on precision medicine with investment and planned collaboration with GRAIL
Pfizer subpoenaed in U.S. over patient assistance plans