Powered 4 Significance

We're not part of the precipitate.
We're part of the solution!

Powered 4 Significance was established to provide scientifically rigorous clinical development and scientific commercialization services to our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device company partners.


Translational medicine

Understanding the clinical development needs

Use of registries, retrospective analyses and subanalyses, diagnostics for prediction and prognosis

Who We Are

Focused on clinical development

NDA submission and positioning for label construct

CSR development

Adapting clinical data to promotional expectations

Scientific data mapping, protocol evaluation, phase 4 planning

Clinical development strategies

Big data analytics

What can we do with what we have that we have not explored thus far

Outcomes modeling

Streamlining data acquisition and analysis

What we have, what we know, and how we can use it most effectively

Clinical development

Protocol evaluation and trial recruitment

Our Mission

Powered 4 Significance was established based on a love and respect for data and the opportunities that data afford us. We provide our client partners with a team of clinical and academic scientists with the experience and expertise to establish, evolve, and leverage the data needed to achieve targeted commercialization goals. We approach data as more than a simple output. At Powered 4 Significance, we view data on a continuum, based on a process that requires a great deal of planning, patience, and attention to detail. In the end, Powered 4 Significance strives to be our client’s clinical development and scientific commercialization partner.

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