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Powered 4 Significance was established to support clinical development and scientific commercialization in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device industries. Our staff experience and company philosophy make us uniquely positioned to help our clients take their scientific commercialization activities to a higher level. Our focus is data, not solely as an endpoint but also as a process that must reflect time and context considerations. From translational medicine, through clinical development and scientific commercialization, our team works with our client partners to meet and exceed their clinical and content development objectives.

Our Approach

Understanding your clinical development needs and data acquisition requirements, and how they fit into the current and ‒ more importantly ‒ future market environment is critical to forging a strong relationship with our client partners and providing value-added services. Our goal is to address your clinical development goals in the light of an ever-changing market landscape and evolving clinical practice patterns. From molecular candidate to marketed compound and beyond, our team collaborates with you through a multifaceted, comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned, attacks like a lion, and won’t let go until we achieve excellence in a professional and regulatorily compliant manner. We develop innovative models and implement comprehensive initiatives that enhance and support the work done throughout your company at every stage of your product’s lifecycle.

Working With You

Powered 4 Significance can help to bridge the sometimes daunting gap between clinical development and marketing through our focus on the scientific commercialization process. When you work with Powered 4 Significance, you are assigned a dedicated team of advanced-degree scientists/medical professionals, clinical development strategists, and data management experts accompanied by an experienced project management team to ensure that your data development, analysis, and communications objectives are met. You will always have access to Powered 4 Significance’s leadership team, who maintain an active role in all our client relationships and ensure that your dedicated team is meeting or exceeding your expectations. Additionally, our goal is to see you succeed, and therefore an important component of that is actively collaborating with any other agencies you have in place to ensure seamless delivery without churn or redundancy.
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