EBM Debates®*

Addressing controversial topics of relevance to healthcare professionals and sponsors, the EBM Debates® program is conducted both live and online, and allows for interaction between the debaters and the live audience. This unique format provides the opportunity for open discussion on various disease states resulting in honest discourse on controversial topics.

*No claim is made to the exclusive right to use "debates" except as shown.

KE Insights®

Congress Coverage – Key Expert (KE) Conference Interview Program

KE Insights® was developed to enhance our client partners’ understanding of new clinical data as related to changes in clinical practice, as well as to them and their product/portfolio. The process provides a real-world view of how new data generated will impact the way patients are managed, as well as how products are used and reimbursed.  

Scientific Convergence™ Platforms

As is true for the early development of a product, evaluation of a product’s clinical dataset in the context of competitor clinical data and labeling is critical to ultimate successful scientific commercialization. The available clinical data must be interpreted, the implications of these data for the brand messaging must be determined, and the TPP must be considered as the phase 3b/4 clinical development platform is put in place. Powered 4 Significance has specific expertise in developing Scientific Convergence™ platforms that establish validated clinical messaging and identify scientific commercialization opportunities (including phase 3b/4 opportunities) for a brand in the competitive market landscape.