Scientific Communications Platform and Medical Content Development

A high-quality scientific platform is the cornerstone of a successful communications plan and the initiatives that are then generated. Operating as an extension of our client’s team, we create scientific platforms that consistently communicate a product’s scientific attributes and clearly define appropriate and optimal use for the healthcare community. 

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Scientific statements, lexicon development, and product platform

At the heart of any product-related communication are the scientific concepts that support its usage and value. These concepts are developed into the key statements that form the basis for developing value propositions, positioning, and communications material. Accuracy, validity, and clarity are critical. The process to put all this in play begins with a core lexicon and scientific statement development. Powered 4 Significance interprets the literature, investigates market dynamics, understands your data, and evaluates approaches to care, creating a compendium of statements and citations organized by topic to ensure the use of market-friendly scientifically valid communications that support best-practice use of your products.

Competitive surveillance and medical/scientific landscape assessment

Competitive intelligence helps clients analyze the past, model the future, and understand how the market will change. Using insight mining, data-crawling techniques, market research, and various analytic techniques, we are able to evaluate the competition and survey the landscape to identify critical information. As an external agency we have the ability to gather primary intelligence without internal bias, as well as effectively aggregate primary and secondary information. We collect, objectively analyze, and disseminate actionable intelligence to our clients to better understand their competitors’ objectives, strategies, assumptions, and capabilities.

Scientific data mapping, data assessments, and gap analysis

The approach to early clinical development of a product has a significant impact on the substantiating evidence for both the Target Product Profile (TPP) and final commercial label. The TPP and labeling goals therefore should be considered as early as possible in the clinical development planning process, including preclinical and phase 1 trial designs. Powered 4 Significance understands that due to the inherent differences in the roles of the individuals responsible for the early development of a product and those who will be responsible for the ultimate late development and commercialization strategies, transparent communication regarding what the early development profile can and cannot deliver is critical to ensure coordination of the most flexible and effective clinical platform for a product. To this end, we map early development endpoints against anticipated labeling and claims for competitor products (both available and in development) to establish the effect on late development opportunities with respect to both the ultimate label and TPP.

Scientific idea cultivation

From advisory boards to consultant meetings, knowing how the market will react to your data, to your product positioning, and to the way they are presented is critical for your marketing activities to be both heard and accepted. The team at Powered 4 Significance has extensive experience and expertise in organizing, managing, and facilitating activities that elicit the most useful feedback from your target audiences and key consultants. Our programs are structured based on an interactive collaboration process, Divergent Consolidation™, that ensures maximal participation from all attendees and facilitates a balance of opinion; therefore, the results fairly reflect the input of all participants.